Bubbles… and water!

For TMTA this week… using the bubble-icious backgrounds made at summer camp!

The rest is my own artwork – the lovely queen from an original illustration and the two collage pieces are from my own digital collage sheets (available in my Etsy shop!)… 😉

Amor, Amor!

By Cacharel, from Cacharel, is my favourite (affordable) perfume. It’s a birthday or Christmas (or Mother’s Day) treat and I wear it when I’m going out – wherever I go! I don’t do “best” anymore – life’s too short, seriously…

So, in honour of TMTA – “Perfume” – this week, here’s my puffed hearts ATC:

It’s a tad misshapen, because I was busy poking wadding into it as I was stitching round it and one side’s a bit fatter than the other! No worries, it was fun!

It’s been a busy day, creatively speaking. I started and finished a 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas abstract; I watched the first of Roz Stendahl’s Workshop 3 videos – courtesy of those lovely people at Strathmore and then went up and laid down colour on 6 journal spread pages and created this ATC. I’m a bit tired but there are still quite a few ideas running round in my head – some already committed to paper post-its and clipped into my little “everything” journal.

The painting – originally called “Ebb and Flow” – is the product of one of my post-it ideas, so that worked out really well and has convinced me that I must continue to make notes and stick them in the EJ. It’s a bit busy for “ebb and flow” now, so I am considering running a “Name that painting” competition here on my blog… We’ll see! I’ll take some photos when the light’s better and blog it! 😉


Not my fave beverage, that would be tea! TMTA this week has coffee as its theme and my Spring Green character has suddenly become Miss Java! I think she looks like a “Miss Java” should though, with her stylised face and cap…

"Miss Java"

and I have been using up scrap ATCs (again!). Trouble is, I can never just make one!


The small dragonfly stamp is by Personal Impressions – love it!! 😉

“Ethnic” and very colourful post!

I liked the theme at TMTA this week – Ethnic… and I have used some great Tribal-style stamps for this ATC. The background is brayered paint and I stitched the tribal figure to the ATC and added a few strands of suitably ethnic fibres to frame the ATC. By twisting the fibres slightly, I was able to “couch” them more easily (Scatter, are you listening? For when you dust off your sewing machine!!!)

suitably ethnic and full of fibre 'o)

The stamps are from Home Impressions. Love ’em! And also from The Netherlands today, the most delightful, nay, colourful, envelope and collaged card… from my good (blogging) friend Marit!

The front

The back

The wondrous collage...

I am such a lucky teddy!! All I did was send her a pair of “wristies” because she’s such a chilly-bird! 🙂

By the way, Marit’s also got a 2-month online workshop called Summer Camp coming soon (registration’s already open) and as soon as I have my 15 Euros put to one side, I am signing on! It’s even multi-lingual – a Dutch speakers room and an English speakers room, but a joint gallery, so we can all share the art-love! I think it’ll be a great summer camp – and there won’t even be any insects to worry about! 😉

Structure and Beauty.

I realised today that I am becoming very “authentic”… Alisa Burke said (in a CPS video clip I saw a few days ago),  that if you can make all your own elements, tools, backgrounds, surfaces, etc. that makes your art more authentic. Hmmmm… well all I can say is that I really enjoy the “uniqueness” of carving and using my own stamps – however basic they are! I am enjoying an ongoing love affair with watercolour paper and drawing imaginary friends’ faces. I still love the feel of torn papers and combinations of such, to which you add paints, glazes, pencil, inks, etc. to create small artworks like ATCs.

I think I treat blog challenges/themes very much the same as journal prompts. They push me to work within a frame and also, when I work on a small scale, I find I become more creative in my quest to use what’s in front of me, or at least within arm’s reach. It’s possible, of course, that my ATCs may all look very similar. To that end, I am considering setting myself “an ATC a day for 30 days” challenge… Meanwhile, here are a pair of blue, architecturally-themed ATCs for Take a Word and TMTA this week:

Small pictures – Crafty Individuals Miniatures – people and places;

Cat House…

Or Salon Kitty? Fun themed ATCs this week at TMTA. House-shaped they must be!

Kitties at the windows...

I love using old ATC backgrounds and turning them into something completely different! This particular ATC “blank” has been altered 3 times now, this time with handcarved stamps, Hello Kitty stickers and watersoluble pencils. (Plus a bit of judicious doodling!)

Treble Clef

Why not? Messy, watercolour paint background from my work surface. It was too small for an ATC so I had to chop it up a bit and stick it to a green ATC!! Added a bit of sheetmusic and drew the clef freehand with black w/s oil pastel. Tweaked a bit and here it is – happy? Yes, that would be me!!

I am trying really hard to use up what’s on my extremely untidy desk!!!! So, this is for TMTA – “Clef” this week. Thanks for looking!

The Woodcutter’s daughter

When I sketched “Nearly Naomi” in the old moon diary, I was watching (or trying not to!), Titanic 2. I put her on my Flickr and someone left me a comment asking me if she was a stamp, when I used the image at a slightly reduced size, on a journal page. I began to wonder if it would be possible to cvarve her as a stamp myself? It was a bit ambitious, but I did it last night, during “Wild at Heart”!!

Handcarved Naomi!

Cool, huh?! I’m really happy with her – even DD was impressed! And here for TMTA, is an ATC I created, using Naomi – the Woodcutter’s daughter… How can I better express myself? 😉

The Woodcutter's daughter...


**Why? is cousin to What? and knows of Miss Who? But, Why? has a very freewheeling nature and can’t settle down, so he doesn’t see them very often!!!! Probably just as well, because he carries flowers with him just in case he should see Miss Who? on his travels. 😉

 TMTA this week – Steampunk! Rosie this week – cracked up


I’m not really into Steampunk – although I love the “jewellery” I see of that genre. I wouldn’t go out and buy stamps just for steampunk, so I have to make do with what I have. My friend Fi sent me some fuses and electrical components over a year ago and they came in handy when I made this ATC! The character is by Home Impressions – Funny People plate.

** I actually started with Why? as a question because I keep wondering why people love steampunk so much and why do I have such antipathy towards it… and then of course, the crazies came and I am creating questioner-characters (again!!).

I really do inhabit such a strange space inside my head… the jumping between parallel universes is just a small part of it though!

Frances was not looking…

Why would she? She stood, fascinated by her reflection in the full length mirror, the sun streaming through the window… etc.!

Isn’t it funny how you tear a random sheet of text from a little book you’ve never read; you stick it to a long narrow strip of card along with random strips of sheet music and some french text aswell; you apply a coat of gesso and then some orange paint and gold mica powder mixed into it.

You take some punchinella (sequin waste), and sponge silver paint through it randomly. You love turquoise and orange as a colour combo, so you randomly sponge turquoise ink on too. You choose a small image for your ATC and a couple more scraps of uninked, plain sheet music; you turn over the long strip of card and mark off the width of your ATCs (5 + a slimmer piece left over). You cut them up randomly and then, as you place your collage elements onto your randomly assembled background, you find that line that suggests the entire tone and theme of your ATC.

How random is that? 😉

Image: Alphastamps; Derwent Inktense charcoal grey pencil; Caran D’ache Neocolours II – blue and black; Uniball signo white and black gel pens; scrap netting and green staples!  Made for TMTASheet Music – this week!