Fishing and sketching…

Nick and I went fishing to somewhere we’d never been before on Tuesday and it was so quiet that I ended up watching the tadpoles and the butterflies! I took a few pics with my phone and sketched them last night. I love tadpoles – they’re so cute, with their wiggling tails and their tiny legs attached to their chunky bodies. It’s amazing how many shades of browns and greens there are in their skin too…

And then, this morning I got another opportunity to sketch whilst DD was sitting an exam. I was sitting in the waiting area with some pencils, thinking of the lyrics to “Unorthodox” by Example. I wanted to draw something using the word – UNORTHODOX – and this is what happened…

I used a mixture of waterbased markers, a few Inktense pencils and black and white pens, plus a 9B graphite stick for the grungey shading. This is the video from Youtube which, now I’ve watched it, is better than I’d imagined!! Love this! And what a star little Akai is! For Penny Lane – Songs in my HeART blog.

Slack Alice and the flowerpot girl!

Where do these names originate, I wonder? I remember the comedian Larry Grayson had some characters like Everard and others whose names elude me at the moment, but maybe Slack Alice was one of his? I seem to be creating characters lately – maybe because it’s quicker to draw them than write them… Since I scanned this page in this morning, that song, “Here come the girls…” has been running through my head.

Flowerpot Girl and friends...

(Maybe I should have called it “Here come the heads!”) The last time I got the Kelly Kilmer watercolour journal out, I created ‘Blue and the Jesterbird’ with heartbreaking emotion behind it. She’s now on available in T-shirts, etc. as is Do you ever feel out of “synch?” I chose to zazzle because I received a mug and a mousemat from friends for Christmas and I was really impressed with the quality of their merchandise.

After carving the Woodcutter’s daughter from the “nearly Naomi” sketch, I realised that I am enjoying my character creations immensely. I have ideas for a book featuring Blue and the Jesterbird, using the whole story behind her invention, but that takes time to develop.

In the meantime, I shall continue to sketch and draw ‘people’ like the Girls. I give credit for the fact that there are 5 on the page to Milliande – she used a circles template in one of her art journals last year to draw multiple simple faces on a spread and I did that (using a spaghetti measure!!!) last night.

The flowerpot girl is my favourite – pretty, slightly Zetti and I think she’d make a cute card! If I offered these drawings for sale as digital stamps, (like Lily’s Octopode designs), in a PDF format for you to print out, would you buy them? I’d put them up in my Etsy shop… Just asking!

Blue & the Jesterbird T-shirts |

Blue & the Jesterbird T-shirts |

Sketchbook Challenge & Day#1 of Art Journal Every Day!

My bestest blogging pal in all the world told me that she tries to draw every day. I am lazy. There, I said it! I am lazy – too lazy to draw every day… and I have high expectations of myself too! I could be really good because I have a gift, but no, I am squandering that gift. Not any more – all that is going to change this year. Starting today, right now, I am going to draw every day and spend 10 minutes doing something in one of my Art journals.

I am yet to address this first month’s theme, which is “Highly Prized”, but I’m not bothered at the moment because the mere act of putting pens/paint/pencil to paper daily will already be a prize in and of itself – “Me” time! 🙂

It’s hard to know where to start; daunting to know what I want from these 2 things, being a perfectionist, because I always want to create something really good, really finished, really… really what? Why am I making art that may please other people and never making art for me? Is that crazy?

Note to self: Julie did say I should ask myself questions… *grins* Well, in an effort to get into the right frame of mind, I took my M & R book that I learnt to make from Kelly Kilmer and started to “sketch”. The tiny strip is what  wrote to define the purpose of this book/journal:

start small, babysteps...

All the pages are watercolour 140lb cold-pressed paper, and all are different sizes!!! The book’s covers are made from a cut-down scrabble board – recycle is still my mantra!

life continues to grow...

Page#2 is about how I feel and doodling with watercolour pencils of varying cost and quality. I wanted to see which ones I like best. And then there’s the black pen… I have a thing for black pens – can’t get those Sharpie poster paint pens here and that’s a crime against art- journallers to my way of thinking – so I am constantly searching for my ideal black pen!! It’s not easy – I use a lot of acrylics normally and most pens won’t write on top of that.

Birdie, boxes and bubbles?

A little more comfortable maybe, using what I love and know well – my own handcarved birdie stamp and my round rose-y doodles! It’ll be interesting to see what I “draw” later and whether or not I revert to slapping down some paint or being dainty with my watercolours!! Onwards and upwards! 😉

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

I used to read graphic novels (Comics), when I was a kid, but never took them terribly seriously, although I did absolutely love “Sin City” and bought it on DVD. So, I found Gary Reef’s Art From the Heart group on ning and joined yesterday. I’ve been a Youtube fan for about a year, so it seemed like a logical progression and lo and behold! there’s an Illustration challenge which ended yesterday with ‘Dream’ as the focus…

You know I don’t really do drawing much, but boy, this character got under my skin and here’s what happened!

So, it’s doodle (pencil); watercolour mood wash; doodle with fineliner; Add Neocolour black to his hair and doodle some more with Sharpies. If you’re interested, here are some links to follow:

Wiki – Neil Gaiman’s Sandman

Neil Gaiman’s website

It was fun to draw/sketch again. I need to keep practising! =)

NB: Thanks for all your kind wishes re: DH’s health – we have an appointment with his GP tomorrow to discuss the Ultrasound scan and are both very impressed with how quickly our doctor heard back from the hospital. When you really need it, the NHS is unbeatable… xo


Greens and browns

Theme Thursday gave me the opportunity to chill and practise blending watercolour pencils… oh and a bit of doodling too, in my pen and ink book. I was playing around with the different nibs for the pen and some black drawing ink. They are fairly broad though, so I reverted to a Staedtler black fineliner for the ‘accent’ lines on this small sketch. I used Anna’s photostamp again because I love it. I want to see how many ways I can use the image… you may get fed up with me!!