SPA – summer…

As they said, it hasn’t been very summery here this weekend especially… and laid up with a sprained foot, I have been frustrated by the whole situation. Having said that, I did spend a bit of time yesterday evening, playing with watercolours and drips and stuff…

The background started out more blue in hues, and of course, I have been carving small eraser stamps too! So this piece of paper was the foolscap sheet of lined white that I used to check my carving, that I then painted over!

The fun part was then scanning that into my PC, changing the hues and then playing with a new set of brushes which were presented to us over at Digital Whispers ning group. These are quite advanced files as I only have CS2 and when I downloaded them originally, I couldn’t open them! However, being married to a “web guy”, I offered to share my new toys with him and he opened them for me and sent them back so I could play too! (Doesn’t that sound complex??? Lol!)

So today I made this hybrid postcard for Sunday Postcard Art’s “summer” theme… using a few of the lyrics from Club Tropicana by Wham!

This is my promotional postcard for my new beach bar – Club Tropicana – which will open for business when I have the funds in place!!! 😉

Angels weep for us…

Angels is the Three Muses challenge this week – and as the weather is stopping us from going to work, etc., a little light cleaning and a fair bit of artplay is in order!

Angel is from Cherry Pie Artstamps and always looks so sad – hence “Angels weep for us…” The main angel is stamped onto a page torn from a Swedish dictionary. The page I chose has words like ‘immortal soul’, etc. as definitions, although I couldn’t actually find ‘angel’! The white images are foam stamps and the latin text is from MaVinci’s Reliquary.

The entire page is many layers of watercolour washes and glazes and a bit of Neocolours. No acrylics were harmed (or used) in the construction of this page!