And now… Fish!

The Three MusesFish: This is so appropriate as Nick and I are in Plymouth on Wednesday at the BBC. He’s doing a live radio interview for BBC Radio Devon at 1.30pm and it’ll be about 30 minutes long. I have to go along as his carer and I am taking art materials with me so I can sketch or colour or both! The last time I did this, I sketched a green jester queen whilst Nick was out on the roads of Launceston, taking his driving test.

So I have no artwork to show you, but I have used little fishes and fishing tackle to make these two bracelets:

Links to 'swivel' about!


Fish being charming!

That one’s a touch blurry, but I wanted to show you the lickle fish…  The links which are not rings, are swivels we use for fishing – truly! I like to think outside the box, don’t I? Lol! 😉

So Nick and Reels on Wheels is the subject of the weekly “human interest” story tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll manage to discuss The World Carp Classic, The Midlands Carp Masters, the function of role models, encouraging and motivating others; the 3rd annual Reels on Wheels Festival being held in South Wales this June…

That half an hour will fly past! 🙂  And it did!
We are back home now after a clear run down, in the sunshine and a very pleasant interlude away from home! Nick was interviewed by David Fitzgerald – The Interactive Lunch – on BBC Radio Devon this afternoon and I sat at in the outer booth, with the programme dudes. I got out the Green Jester journal and created ‘Carprice’ – a fishergirl…
She’s not finished yet, but I am liking her already. I had to stop as the pencils I was using were rubbish. I really need to get a set of Inktense – they’d suit my bold, colourful style with these characters I think. So, I shall save up for some of those and a really good waterbrush too. I am rubbing the bristles off the one I have at the moment… It’s looking stragglier by the day! 😦

Inspiration puff!

I had no idea what to call this… it’s a stuffed, soft, squishy tear-shaped fabric hanger which I made for my car yeaterday. I had the idea of making small cushions and more tactile hanging things for cars, istead of those nasty “smellies”…

And here’s the back:

Simply red?!

I like to sew the majority by machine – remember, patience is not my friend and my evenings are spent knitting DH’s Aran Tank at the moment – nearly finished the back. I now remember why I don’t knit for him more often – men are so big/long!!!

Here’s a second abstract ATC made in a similar fashion to the first, just less textured. I used up the tiny bit of gel medium left over from the first one!! I really hate to waste supplies, especially the expensive ones!


As my little Nissan is going for a service today, I am popping into the friendly printer’s place to collect a few more samples and chat with him. He has found me a local chap (whom Nick and I already know, funnily enough!), to print my designs on bags and T-shirts, so I shall have to do some costing and get a sample as soon as I can. 😉

Scary Clowns!

That’s this week’s Sunday Postcard Art challenge… and more from me in red and black. So maybe I can sneak it into Theme Thursday too? 😉

Family Pictures

My husband has a Circus background, as a clown, so it’s no lie that this could be one of our “family pictures”, although all the images are from various black and white collage sheets available from Ten Two Studios. Lisa V. has a vast collection of dark and macabre stuff, ideal for this time of the year!!

I am in transition mode again… I have been cleaning, knitting, gardening – of the brutal variety, like moving dead stuff and making way for other stuff!  I call it “un-nesting” – that’s what I do when I feel that the time has come to move on. I’ve got my ‘restless’ socks on again… 😉

I haven’t exactly been prolifically arty lately either. DD has gone back to school, facing another tough 8 months till she can leave and go to college. DH is slowing down for the winter, but getting busier behind the scenes, raising funds (and awareness) … and me? I made a conscious decision NOT to do the Craft Fair in November. Instead, I am going to take my time building my website and putting all my saleables on there. The big handmade marketplaces are not for me, so I shall be doing my own thing.

There will be more art journalling, more fiberarts, more handmades/wearables and less stress! There will be a lot of smaller items  for sale and I have found a local guy who will help me with top quality printing (again, cutting out the middleman), and I am also going to have some of my favourite artwork printed on T-shirts so I shall be wearing original stuff! How cool is that? *grins*

I am so looking forward to the coming months! What are you up to?

I got the music in me!

I blame Hels (Sunday Stamper) for that!! Or in fact, her SO, who chose “Music” as the theme for this week. This ties in with Mixed Media Monday – Memories – chosen by Diane, because… well, here’s the journal page, followed by a longish post.

There is no "must" in art...

This is an old French Kitty Diary I bought my DD back in 2007. I love the pics in it so much I couldn’t throw it out and it’s fun to paint in every now and then (like today!). Hels got me humming “I got the music in me…” and I started by tearing up some sheet music. Tore some other random papers lying on my worktable, a few rounds, a bumble bee (for Diana!) and a silhouette I had stamped. I added the window part torn from a junk mail envelope to cover the date and the 2 faces.

I slapped on some of my thick, oily gesso and then had the happy idea of colouring that with paint mixed into it. Hence the blue and purple. My memories usually have purples and blues in them… is that odd? Being impatient (and having work this afternoon), I dried the gesso with my heat gun, warping the envie window! I held that in place later with the letter “O”!!

I used some Cherry Pie Artstamps (which always make me happy) and my Art Quote from MaVinci. Thereafter came doodles and song titles and Neos…

Now, I don’t know of any other hobby or passion that allows one to have so much fun and get so messy using all sorts of stuff – mixed media is MAGIC! I remember when I first got back into arts and crafts a mere 5 or 6 years ago, I tried so hard to be pretty and neat and so on. I couldn’t do it very well and that was so disappointing at the time. Then I gradually discovered grunge and mixed media and altered art, which was so much more my style. What’s more, I found that it was okay to translate that stuff onto fabric or wood, metal and plastic and it was okay – there were no rules anymore!

So, you can see why I love that quote so much, can’t you? However, I do apologise to anyone who’s met me wearing some of my artwork, received my card and then found me doodling and painting but not showing any of the things they liked in the first place! Don’t worry, I shall get around to all that stuff at the end of the (short) summer season, when I build my own website. In the meantime, I’m more about expressing than manufacturing!

Vintage ads/labels

I am Guest Hosting again for Diane at Mixed Media Monday – and very grateful that it keeps me blogging whilst working my way through an exceptionally busy summer this year!!

These make great springboards for collages, big or small. I fell in love with little images when I was designing for Ten Two Studios – I used a lot of small images on altered cutlery, for example. Here are a couple more examples of altered/wearable art, using vintage ads and labels.

Mixing vintage and contemporary.

I painted the entire bamboo tile silver, added the image and mounted the piece on a ball chain with the addition of turquoise and pink wooden beads!

It's the little things...

I always decorate both sides of these, then you can wear them either way round!! It’ll be fun to see more takes on this challenge – and thank you to everyone who joined in with last week’s “Floral Tributes!” challenge! One of my arty flower pins is published in the Ideas Gallery of July’s Craft Stamper magazine…

"Fleur" de Lys mixed media pin

I used the fleur de lys stamp from Home Impressions Marie Antoinette plate. Such versatile images… 🙂

Floral tributes…

I chose this theme as it’s pretty much all-encompassing and any type of media will be fine! I’m guest hosting again at Mixed Media Monday, which is just as well because if I hadn’t got this prepared, I’d be in the blogging doldrums. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me currently – the college course is really taking its toll, but I have caught up a bit thanks to half-term, so I’m not in such a state of panic…

Shabby-Ruffled Flower pin!

I fell in love with ruffled flowers when I saw a couple of tutorials online. My flower-pins are very shabby and I use torn strips of thin/lightweight fabrics to achieve the scruffy ruffled effect. I then add beads, buttons or recycled jewellery parts to embellish them (read “tart them up”!!).

Here are a few more examples, which I am taking to the Family Arts & Crafts Day on June 19th. I shall be demonstrating how to make them and selling the kits!

Architectural design!

Netted and beaded!

Here, Kitty, Kitty!!

These are so easy to make, I finished my 6 different examples in one sitting. Fun and unique, you could really make one for every outfit or occasion, couldn’t you?!

See you again when I can… and I hope you enjoy the challenge this week! 🙂

Personal symbols…

Beth has chosen this theme at Mixed Media Monday today. I choose to use oranges and greens a lot in my art. These are colours I have found myself combining for a couple of years now, subconsciously. I understand green as symbolising growth and renewal, but orange? Nah… I used to be a blonde before I turned grey, so orange was a colour I avoided religiously!

However, I was intrigued to read that ‘orange is the colour of creativity’ a few weeks ago… so here are a couple of examples of recent creations with these personal growth colours – in my rather shabby, grungey style!!

Words and flowers... handmade arty-pin

I have a fondness for French text too! I love language – I used to speak 5 fluently. I hear (or heard) languages the way some people hear music, which is truly a gift, and I’d only have to spend about 3 months in a foreign country to pick up the language well enough to speak with a good degree of fluency!

A cuff without a clasp... WIP

Just needs finishing off… Well I shall be AWOL at the end of this week as we head off to Wales for the 3rd annual Reels on Wheels Fishing Festival. It’ll be the first time I’ve attended and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it! 3 days away with my DH, friends and fishing. I just hope the weather’s kind!! 🙂

MMM- “Look what I found!”

Our beloved Diane has chosen to use found objects in her artwork this week and thrown down the gauntlet… (for Mixed Media Monday). Well, being the Queen of repurpose and upcycle in my house, I have picked it up!

I alter game pieces like dominos and Jenga blocks to make wearable art – and they’re fun pieces, nine out of ten times someone will comment on what I am wearing or maybe just look at me strangely! But, apart from recycling those game pieces, the adorning is where all the “found” objectry (have I just written that?!), comes into its own. Here are 4 little block-pins:

'Foot High Melons!'

Good job they aren’t leg-high melons, eh? Image from Ten Two Studios.


A piece of recycled necklace put to good use!

A little shoulder action...

Lots of very old hymn sheet torn up and some more repurposed jewellery I found at a car boot sale! The rounds are from Digital Collage Sheets.


A manly pin stamped with an image from Paper Artsy, and liberal use of found beads and copper wire found in a friend’s husband’s tool-haven (shed!).

Off topic here: Is anyone else a Michael MacIntyre fan? Does your DH have a Man-Drawer???


A very welcome day of rest today. I am making the most of it as I usually work on Sunday afternoon/evening, so today is a treat to be enjoyed! The weather is lovely here too and the garden beckons, although my back is still protesting from last week’s excesses.

Sunday Postcard Art today is all about Spring(time) and it is my favourite season. Generally the weather is kinder, not too hot, buds and shoots, birds, flowers and babies abound (and I hope my old cat falls off the shed where he’s watching nests in nearby trees…)

Here’s my entry – “Love is…”, made from scraps of odd fabric stitched together and a lovely fabric transfer from my blogging buddy Annette in Oz. I have stamped a flower on it and “make every day one to remember” along the bottom. I’ve stamped and heat set the fabric and the clear plastic – yes, it didn’t melt, and you don’t find these things out unless you point the heat gun  at them, do you? *giggles*

If you click on the image you can see it in more detail. I think I am trying to see if you can achieve, by layering fabric and paper, a similar depth to a collage that is painted. I so enjoyed learning about layering paint, adding and taking away, covering elements and leaving others visible, that I find myself pushing the envelope with these fabric collages too.

Right, I am off to shower, have breakfast, do a little gardening and see about recycling/refashioning some clothes to increase my wardrobe for the summer ahead! Here’s the wrist cuff I have been labouring over – I think it’s finished, what do you think? 😉

House of rhinestones…

Dans ma maison, il y a … “Rhinestones” this week (well, on Friday!) and I was so taken with the little example house, it inspired me to try my hand at making domino-houses. I created four altogether, 3 with heaps of texture and one with just a hint, in my favourite colours – purple and sea green…

Full House?

Here are a couple of close-ups…

Less textured

And a little more here…

They took a few days to complete and now I am going to turn them into pendants. Have to find some pretty bales I think…