The Stone Angels

That just happens to be the main feature of this digital piece and Dr.Who and the Tardis, after what Kimmie said of my previous stone angel. She said they were so creepy in the last series of the programme – and she was right! However, these stone angels are from online friends – Billie Jean and Patty – and the Doctor was googled…

I used quite a few layers to achieve the desired effect and then I was going to use lyrics from a Stone Roses song, but a little digging unearthed a track called “Making my way” by a band called The Stone Angels, who hail from Torbay! Oh yeah! Serendipitous, or what? 😉

Ugg-love texture by Kim Klassen.

For the Three Muses “wings” this week!

Listen to what the man said…

When Paul McCartney and his wife Linda formed Wings in 1971, I wasn’t too impressed, but there are a couple of songs that I have always liked. One of them is “Listen to what the man said…” and the other is “Band on the Run”.

“Wings” is the Take a Word challenge this week, and this one’s also for Penny at Songs in my HeART! Peace out, man!

This page is the first one in my fabric-covered art journal that I made during Julie Prichard’s Art Journalling Supernova class. I love this journal and the Khadi papers are so roughly textured. They absorb colour and ink extremely well!

My BBFF, Barbara Hagerty, wrote a really interesting post recently – all about the joy of journalling, and opening your eyes. If you are an art journalist/journaller, you might just find it provocative! It’s certainly food for thought… 😉

Meantime, I am looking forward to starting Summer Camp with Marit tomorrow… yay!!!!! 🙂

I got published!!

Woohoo! This skinny “Dragonfly House” is my entry to This Thursday, it’s all about… Their theme is ‘Black is back’ and they want to see plenty of black. Well I just had to shout this from the rooftops, didn’t I? I submitted this piece to Elli Jenks at “Not Just Stamping” – an online publication – for their “Winged Things” category and she chose to publish it in this month’s issue (#10)! Yay!!

Hopefully there’s enough black in here to make it acceptable! If you are a subscriber to NJS, you can always vote for my dragonfly and the winner gets some Twisted Papers CDs!! *fingers crossed* 🙂