Wednesday Stamper closes its doors…

I think this is so sad as I’ve been a participant on and off for the last 3 years or so. But, everything comes to an end and new challenge blogs emerge and life goes on as people get busier, etc. In honour of their closure, I wrote haikus and created this page:

“We flocked to their blog

and we created with joy:

every week was new.

Their challenge awoke

sparks of creativity

In all who took part… “

So farewell to WS and I wish you all joy and peace and creativity…

I am adding this to Theme Thursday’s “Wings” theme, which inspired the page originally! The stamps are a combination of handcarved and commercial. 🙂

Words and numbers – triptych!

I’m at Marit’s Summer Camp from now till the end of August! Yay! Following one of the prompts, I challenged myself to create a triptych this evening… in fabric, using a piece I have been building. It’s appropriate for The Three Muses – the written word – and Wednesday Stamper’s – numbers:

A string shaped into a number 6 or 9…

The numbers are stamped onto the orange organza covering all three ATCs.

If only…

I created this page this morning in answer to the prompt “More than words” over at Wednesday Stamper. I sit here typing, covered in paint (well, my hands are anyway!!). And, I didn’t write anything on this page because I just can’t. There isn’t space for all the things I feel when I look at her riding the crest of a wave? Or struggling against the ocean’s pull? Or….. ? What do you see?

The eyes at the top are by Third Coast Stamps; the large script stamp is… an old one! The background is a medley of Neocolour washes applied to a loose page from my fave book, or altered book or scruff journal!

Here are those backgrounds I printed onto alternative papers for my everything journal in yesterday’s post:

And that hymn sheet I printed onto – upside down though! I really should think before I print!! 😉

*****Does anyone (with a wordpress blog),  know why all my photos go to the top of the blog post when I click “insert into post”, instead of where I left my bloody cursor??? Cut & paste is beginning to annoy me… 😦

Enchanted Spring!

Meet Miss Pansy Peapoddy… my Spring character, born especially for Wednesday Stamper this week!

As you can see, I was using up paint from a fabric painting session. I wanted to see if I could paint a face on fabric, but I ran out of playtime, so I went to watercolour paper and Pansy appeared…

Ain’t she purty?! 😉

Fair maidens…

That’s Terri’s chosen theme for Sunday Postcard Art this week. These two are far from your average fair maidens, I think, but to me, they are lovely! The background is brayered paints in black and white, with a Cherry Pie Artstamps pen”  for interest and some co-ordinating brushmarks around the edges. These are for the Wednesday Stamper pens, pencils and brushes challenge…

Fair Maidens, both!

It’s such fun using my own girls for these challenges! And, this postcard is for my friends – Claire and Julz who are big fans – I am humbled by their love and friendship… 🙂

Bohemian Rhapsody

That is such an iconic song… and once it’s in your head, it won’t go away! I have had such a busy day today… catching up on all the creative things I have been itching to do! I do enjoy knitting, playing with fabric, sewing and all that stuff, but I crave the freedom that being messy with pages, paints and ink brings. I surprise myself sometimes – that I can actually find anything is a miracle! I finished a Julie F-F B-inspired canvas; I started an art journal for recipes I print out that I use regularly; I made backgrounds of another 2 pages in 2 more old books (soon to become journals); I finished off the Green Jester character I started when I created Nick’s page and I journalled this spread for Wednesday Stamper’s challenge – Bohemian Rhapsody, humming the words as I painted. I got so mucky I had to wash my hands 3 times already today! (They don’t like bits of paint on their toast, you see…!)

Is this the Real Life?

All the rubber stamps are my carvings! I love using the dip pen to write with and I think I shall buy some acrylic inks soon, especially white. Then I can write in a more flowing style in both black and white. It seems to be easier to write over lots of layers of acrylic paints and soluble wax crayons too. That’s something I often find problematic. Here’s my green Jester lady…

Oh she’s pretty! I have a boyish character all painted, ready to finish off too. I just seem to have so many things on the go at the moment and only the one pair of hands… ah well! 🙂

Blue and the Jesterbird…

What a great title for a book, no? I have been trying to draw every day, but it’s really more like every week I make a concerted effort to start and complete a drawing from scratch. Blue was born from a fertile imagination, and a desire to draw faces in monochrome to practise shading on a different level. That sounds a bit serious, but I was really playing with media again!

Blue and the Jesterbird

This is them just painted last night. They appear in the centre of my M & R Book, along with “What?” – hence the line down the centre, which is the waxed thread I use when making my own books… Here they are collaged. Blue is saddened by the music of the Jesterbird, so he sings her The Flight of the Bumblebee to cheer her up…

The Flight of the bumblebee...

I don’t think the music has quite had its effect on Blue, but maybe, in time…

Music is this week’s Wednesday Stamper theme and as bees and flowers remind me of “Spring”, I thought it would fit nicely with this week’s Theme Thursday.

Santa should believe!!

Yes he should! He should believe that she is waiting for him and make his move!! Seriously Santa’s this week’s SPA theme (I wonder why???!!!) and I am playing along again! Both images are from Ten Two Studios Silly Santas Collage sheets and the smaller one is an image transfer, using white acrylic paint as my medium of choice. I learnt to do transfers like this a couple of years ago, watching Claudine Hellmuth’s video at CHA – pretty foolproof!


I also dug out my “Christmas bag” where I keep the few Christmas-related supplies I actually like for any sporadic cardmaking, etc. I have this gorgeous Stampendous snowflake stamp which I love, so I couldn’t resist using it and it also fits the Wednesday Stamper theme, so, better late than never!

I’d like to thank Donna & Mandy for featuring my padded robin in their sampler. 🙂

Angels and Other Dimensions…

Wednesday Stamper – “Heavenly Creatures” and TMTA – “White”, this week…

So sad...

The stamp is one of my all-time faves – Cherry Pie Artstamps and is always used at this time of the year… And now for something completely different – as we fans of Monty Python’s Flying Circus say! Tell me what you see in these 3D, dimensional pieces, whether it be aliens, pretty colours, my obsession with sequin waste in the white spots, or just another batch of  miniature art?

Busy, doing...

A telling-off?


I managed to get quite a bit further today, after the chores were done. I am still working on the 3D row of houses, still painting the large canvas background for my angel and there is more dimensional artwork on my table, drying!

I am inspired again, to work in the small amounts of time that I have at the moment, probably due to the accident I had yesterday. A boy ran into my car on the way home from school and DD and I were very shaken up. I called the Police to report it, have to replace a wing mirror which he smashed in the process and he, himself got away with a couple of bruises. In over 35 years of driving, I have never, ever had an accident. Now, maybe all those stupid parents who park directly outside the school – illegally, on double yellow lines – will have the decency to use the designated, (free), bloody car park in future…

The Policeman said they will start issuing tickets/fines to those who continue to park there, but… it probably won’t last long. Duh!

Pointy hats!

That’s the brief for Wednesday Stamper this week… and my geisha (Third Coast RS), has a red velvet pointy hat!! There’s also an old saying “red hat, no drawers” that appears on the right – a bit cheeky, but… (Oh my! A few double entendres here!)

... red hat, no drawers?