Faux Leather Backgrounds

Trish Bee challenged us to create Faux leather backgrounds using tissue paper and I had prepared a few pieces a few nights ago. Basically, you crumple tissue paper and uncrumple it; then you cover some card with PVA glue and adhere the tissue paper to it – don’t smooth it out, just lay it down and let it dry till wrinkly! Then apply inks, paints, sprays, whatever you like to give a leather effect. Here are two I made: The first was pink tissue paper, sprayed with home made glimmer blue mist.

Yummy. isn’t it?! here’s white paper, smooshed with milled lavender and frayed burlap distress inks – a totally different look, much softer:

I used a piece of this one for the 4×4 Friday Sprays and Splash challenge this week. As it’s so soft, I managed to stamp an Asian-style pattern on it in Fired Brick, then I sprayed with Walnut Gold Glimmer Mist and dried it with the heat gun. I was aiming for an Artfully Asian look – My Time to Craft challenge – so I used ‘Shaheen’ from the Victorian Plate by Home Impressions! She’s a beautiful Indian lady, who’s come to London to serve her Mistress…. yes, Sophia!

I think the sticky ribbon is Anita’s and the flower too was RAK’d to me by my mate, Cat!!

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  1. Wow, its amazing, really great card!

  2. They’re looking so great!
    I have to give it a try, too 😉

    I knew the crumple tissue paper technique (without use of inks, paints, sprays etc) as faux silk, whereas I knew the faux leather only as technique using masking tape.

    Yeah, and years ago I used some tissue paper, simple water colours and acrylic varnish to decorate items (photos here).

    That’s why I love surfing: there are always interesting combinations of techniques, materials and so forth 😉

  3. Absolutely stunning! I agree like with most backgrounds you have to actually see them in the flesh to appreciate their beauty. I love textures!

  4. What an awesome technique! I’ve done this technique except we used pieces of masking tape. Your way is much faster!

  5. I love those backgrounds – especially the pink with the glimmer mist, completely and utterly stunning!

  6. jami

     /  July 19, 2008

    What a great technique. It looks like leather.

  7. Fabulous Rosie! Love your background idea! x

  8. carolann

     /  July 19, 2008

    Absolutely stunning work Rosie love the backgrounds hun xxx

  9. Having seen your backgrounds in person, I can tell you that as gorgeous as they appear on your blog, in real life they are so much more incredible!!! Photos just do not do them the justice they deserve. I can only imagine how fabulous these are in the flesh (or should I say, on the paper). WOW! Your 4X4 is a real stunner!! What a gorgeous red! I am sure tons more shimmer and glimmer than shows in the photo! How fabulous!

  10. thank you rosie for explaning this technic to us.
    the background is amazing

  11. lesley

     /  July 20, 2008

    Looks great, thanks for taking part in the MTTC challenge this week xx

  12. Wooow…woow What a facinating technique. I guess I’ll have to give it a try 🙂

    The card is gorgeous !!!!!!!

  13. Beautiful piece of artwork.

  14. Stunning image and the background is brilliant! Thanks for joining in with the MTTC challenge this week :o) Jo x

  15. barnie

     /  July 21, 2008

    Wow, Rosie, your background are really wonderful, I’m speechless.

  16. Beautiful piece of art work and I love your style for your blog.

  17. hastingshall2

     /  July 25, 2008

    Really gorgeous, rosie. I’ll have to try that technique.


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