Regrets? I have a few…

Just messing about with words and numbers really! For Take a Word this week – “Sepia”…

I’ve always thought this woman is pretty eerie! Thanks to Bonnie Zieman for the textures and to Photoshop Warrior for the tutorial which showed me how to create a ‘classic photo effect’!

The images are all from Elizabeth Golden (Last door down the hall) – thank you!

Please note: I shall be drawing the winning name for the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software tomorrow, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning, please go HERE and enter!

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  1. you should not tempt me with new links… might end up with insomnia…
    your picture is beautiful, love the colors!
    (concerning quote brushes: i generally feel like you… i think most of them are not necessary, as i can type text when needed and choose a font which fits the picture…)

    • That’s exactly my point!! If I had time to join all the groups where I’d like to show what I can do, I’d never have time to do what I love!! 😉

  2. What fantastic effects, Rosie, love the sepia shades & yes the woman is pretty eerie, I can imagine blood dripping from her mouth to add a bit more horror!
    Season’s Greetings!


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