Embracing the new…

Due to the fact that I have started to concentrate more on digital and photo art more than traditional mediums, I won’t be posting to this blog as much anymore. I have started another wordpress blog calledEmbracing Life Digitally to showcase all my things photographic, digital and haiku – a far cry from where I started out as a blogger in 2006!

I hope you’ll visit me there, but here is where journal pages, rubber stamping and mixed media belong, along with all the altered art that I am best known for! ♥

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR ROSIE!!! So you will shine your light on two places!!! You go rock the Internet dear! I will hope over to take a peek!

  2. Hey Marit! Well, you know they don’t mix and I hate to confuse people!! =)

  3. Hi Rosie…good luck on your new blog and I wish you the best on all of your artistic endeavors during the new year. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the new blog! You know that I’m a big supporter of compartmentalizing blogs, and I find it much easier to have more than one blog, keeping like with like. But that’s just me, and I guess it’s you, too! We are soul sisters, of course! Now I’m off to visit the new space! Gorgeous, gorgeous pic you’ve posted, too!

  5. oh, i spy nancy donaldson´s texture with the graphic here… one of my top favorites of the last year!! wasn´t it a great year, rosie, so much new things to try… and i´m sure there is much more. i really have to keep in mind to leave the pc sometimes, as i want to make “messy” art as well, but often it is tempting to go and chose the “clean” way;)
    i will keep both of your blogs in my focus… see ya…

  6. Good luck with your new blog. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

  7. Hi Rosie ! Missing you ! Off to check out if yu are creating digital stuff…
    Hugs !

  8. First time visitor here and love your blog. Great ideas/photos, etc.

  9. Hello Rosie, Nice to see your new blog, there is really great stuff. Wherever you have begun the blogging but you are at the right place now, wordpress is a great blogging platform so keep posting. Thanks for sharing this resource of another blog.


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