4×4 Friday’s challenge is so easy today! Include quote(s) in your artwork… and I bought a sheet of art quotes from Robin at MaVinci’s a couple of months ago – ideal! One of the added bonuses with these stamps, is the variety of fonts Robin uses, there are lots and they’re all different, so never boring or repetitive.

Yesterday I made fabric paper, which turned out very bold and fabulous… it even rolls up like a scroll! I made this 4×4 from it and tried to coordinate all the colours in the background with a stamped image of the beautiful, if somewhat perturbed, ‘Sophie’ from the Home Impressions Victorian Plate.

I love its transparency and have left the rough edges too (adds interest/texture, I think!). The first quote is for Sophie and the second at the bottom refers to my ongoing tale of love and romance in the good old Victorian (red rubber) tradition!

I’m off to deliver an arty-farty bag to my friend this afternoon and my teen will probably be home again when I come back, so no peace for me later!! Have a lovely evening and for those of you who are stressed, try making a mess… (or some fabric paper). It works for me – LOL!!

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  1. Super stuff Rosie. You have not only made a brilliant work of art but de-stressed as well…! Respect …!

  2. Gorgeous–but then I have come to expect nothing less from you! What a lovely Victorian! I love the expressiveness of that fabulous paper you made! So many beautiful applications for it that it boggles the mind! The stamp is lovely, too!
    School starts Monday, so DD and I doing a “deep clean” of everything now. Too shocking a mess for “before” pictures, so when we’re through–if that moment ever comes–I’ll think about taking some “afters”. She’s helping to re-arrange my workspace.
    In case I don’t get back to the blogs till Monday, have a lovely weekend!!

  3. Wow! Love the fabric paper!

  4. patsand31

     /  August 8, 2008

    Art for hearts desire and let the world admire , don’t do it to retire.

  5. carolann

     /  August 9, 2008

    This is fantastic I love the image and brilliant backing hun xx

  6. Gorgeous art, love how you used your fabric paper.


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