Art, heart & healing – II

There’s more! We have been bitten by the awesome Tam-bug! I cannot remember the last time I planned my day ahead to ensure I had more Art playtime… no, really! There are over 1000 people taking part in this awesome online course/workshop/life experience and it’s just amazing. We are in a fever of excitement already in anticipation of Lesson 2, starting tomorrow!

Anyways, here is a self-portrait that is nearer the mark to me as I am these days. The purple, blue and black hair is just wishful thinking because grey/blonde and highlights is harder to paint (for me!)!!

"Wannabe Me"!!

A WIP (work in progress), as I haven’t yet blended her hair in, etc. but I think it’s interesting to see how much I think it’s improved on the previous one – which was my first ever painted portrait. I’ll update this when she’s more finished too!!

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  1. lottie

     /  October 24, 2010

    Oh she is stunning. I still haven’t finished mine – I am determined to make time tomorrow – Monday. Absolutely no digging up veggies up the allotment, nor playing with new chickies, nor bulk cooking for the freezer – it’ll all have to wait until I finish my first lesson – thought it was Wednesday the next lesson started – yikes

  2. Ria Vaneman

     /  October 25, 2010

    Great portrait, Rosie. If I were you, I’d leave the hair and sweater like it is, it gives a nice contrast to the blended face.

  3. The shading and colors are absolutely wonderful. Nevermind the streaks of gray or blue, the hair is also fab. I am so impressed that you have no wrinkles. May that still be so when you reach my age!!!


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