By the look in your eyes…

Anyone who knew that song by Paul Young and followed the lyrics, knew it was about the transigence of relationships, love (or lust) at first sight, and a guy who can’t commit. My journal page avoids most of those issues, but the first lines –

“By the look in your eyes, I can tell you’re gonna cry

Is it over me?… If it is, save your tears,

‘cos I’m not worth it, you see…”

They make me sad and when I used a black and white photocopy of Blue and the Jesterbird and placed them here on this page, the lyrics sprang into my head immediately. My page isn’t about love, lust or men. My page is about hurt and pain and songs that mean something to me. I didn’t want to write all over the page because I can’t share all that (yet!) Still, it has been cathartic even admitting that much…

By the look in your eyes...

I was very much struck by what Rachel (A year in the life of an art journal) says here – see #3. She says: “In an art journal, actually WRITING anything is totally optional.”

So I shall let my pictures do my talking for now! I am sending this to Ms. Penny Lane of Songs in my Heart. She may use it, she may not, but do have a look at the lovely artwork over there…

[Lyrics are courtesy of Lyrics.time]

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  1. lottie

     /  January 22, 2011

    Absolutely stunning – you are so excelling at this

  2. Rosie…lovely page! Whatever’s going on…sometimes words can’t explain it.

  3. Beautiful, Rosie! Notice how the fresh, clean color, the roses in bloom and the singing bird are far more prevalent than the dark clouds, which you have to hunt for to notice. In my personal interpretation, your symbolism, whether intended or unconscious, sings hope! Emailing you today!

  4. It’s a beautiful, strong and honest page Rosie! Me, too, let songlyrics speak for me sometimes, witholding my own words because those are too private or won’t come out… and yes, pictures speak too! I’m sure Penny will be delighted to see your art and place it on her blog (such a lovely place!) And are you playing AYITLOAAJ too? It’s an awesome concept – I’m just finishing my last page in the 2010 journal today! I wish you a wonderful Sunday my dear! (And can I say that I’m glad I found you/your blog recently?!!)


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