Things my mother should have told me…

The title is taken from a brilliant book I bought last year at a Flea Market – “Things my mother should have told me – The Best of Good Housekeeping 1922-1940”. As today’s SPA theme is “vintage glitz and glam”, I thought I’d take a look at it for inspiration, especially as I made a mistake when stamping and embossing a 1920s image!! So that melted into the background (quite literally), and I cut this advertisement from the right side of one of the pages…

Isn’t that a fab ad for Helena Rubinstein? And the text is so 1920s… my Mum used to buy HR cosmetics when she could afford them!

The biggest problem with that book is that it’s absolutely fascinating – a charmingly retrospective look at women and how their lives changed during those formative decades. There are “Housekeeper’s Diary” notes, recipes and problem pages, fashion plates… I could spend a lot of time lost in its pages! 🙂

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  1. I’d love that book Rosie! A lucky find. I love your postcard this week. How to look Glam! Great work. Hugs June xx

  2. I always get lost in books like that too Rosie! (about ‘how to act at a diner at the queens house’ and stuff…) it’s fascinating stuff to read, and you made a fascinating page with it!!!

  3. Thank you, Rosie, for the wonderful excerpts from this book. Great reading and I loved reading about our theme. Excellent, indepth study of the world of glamour in the Roaring 20’s. Excellent!

  4. A fascinating and charming collage, Rosie!

  5. I love your collage which is so beautifully designed, Rosie!


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