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My daughter, about to turn 17, spent an impromptu 5 days in London this past week, for the first time, with a friend who’s 19 and knowledgeable! She called home every night, her tweets were enthusiastic and I think she found her inner “City-chick”! My girl can’t wait to go back – all she needs is work…

London’s lights beckon

The times they are a-changin’

As you seek new life


You had a brief taste

Excitement, temptations, fun…

Spread your wings and fly!

For Haiku my Heart Friday, hosted by Rebecca of Recuerda mi Corazon – where we meet and share our love of haiku and images. ♥

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  1. Great words. I went off to live in London when I was 18. So different to my country upbringing. I didn’t stay that long, but it was quite an adventure.

  2. Very nicely and affectionately put.. your daughter should be very happy..

  3. Remember my 1st visit to London! It was just before Christmas and it was magical! Wonderful post!

    • My Mum used to take us into Regent’s Street when they turned the xmas lights on… It WAS magickal!

  4. ah, oh, to be so young with the world as her very own oyster! Such a delightful haiku here…I hope you print it and tuck under her wings!

  5. What a lovely haiku Rosie! I can soooo relate to it – you know that! Your daughter looks so beautiful and ready to step into the big world… don’t you just love youngsters? (and the bitter-sweet memories and feelings that come with that…)

    • Yeah – I do and she’s had such a rough ride, so to see her blossoming like this brings a lump to my throat… Thanks for the compliment – I’ll tell her! 😉

  6. Your daughter is beautiful. How bittersweet to see her ready to spread her wings and fly. Your haiku is perfect!

  7. Rosie, I have edited the haiku I wrote.. and put the way I had actually written it.. therefore, I had to delete the comment too…my apologies.. but want you to visit again to see the change and comment..

  8. London still is a million miles and many years away for me 🙂 I hope to stay in Manchester some day. It’s my second most favorite city in the world.

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  9. magicalmysticalteacher

     /  November 25, 2011

    I see that “temptations” are at the heart of your second set. 🙂

    haiku on Friday
    a handful of syllables
    scattered heart to heart

    Haiku here and here

  10. Lovely photo. Marvelous adventure.

  11. i’ve only been to the airport in london, would love to go someday

  12. Rosie,
    I love the image of your daughter, it is simply wonderful and the love that you offer her in letting go and allowing her the wings to fly free and yet have the ability to come home if she likes is the best thing a parent can do for a child. She will always remember it. Great post !

  13. oh rosie,

    so lovely the way your mother love supports and encourages so beautiful a daughter.

    london, that first taste of travel, i am sure she is smitten!

    perfect haiku for that time we can all remember in ourselves.

  14. Ah, an introduction of your young daughter to the big city. For me, an L.A. kid, it was San Francisco–and later New York. Your daughter is lovely and your haikus are wonderful.

  15. What a lovely pic Rosie, and her little message to you – Keep calm and carry on! I had a struggle interpreting it but I got it! Seen a few about, one in the hospital where my own lass was last month on a pack of playing cards!

    Nice haiku too,

    Sue x

  16. What a wonderful parent to encourage the way you do, the haiku is perfect. Watching them grow into adults adds to the honor of being a parent. Good for her, and good for you. Thanks for your great thoughts, I appreciate it.


  17. Freedom to spread the wings and fly but I see a word of caution too in your voice!! Well said Rosie!!

  18. Oh, I love the black and white version! Your haiku is perfect, Rosie! XOXO


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