Di Hickman saves the day!

I’m in a Christmas Club on Auntys Forum, called “Storm’s Seasonal Christmas Club” and we have all made pledges to get a certain amount of cards made, money saved, etc. over the months preceding the silly season (can’t you just tell I’m not a fan?!). Well I missed the ‘Rudolf’ day deadline and told the boss I’d be having a Kangaroo Day instead… Boxing day? Get it?!

So today I read through Di’s newsletter and was struck by how simply simple thisw week’s card sketch is… so thank you Di Hickman. I’ve made 5 cards in just over an hour – all different, from your sketch and I’m really happy now I can forget about Christmas for another month!

Here’s this week’s sketch:


And here are my 5 cards! I did take certain liberties with the ribbon as you might notice!


There’s something quite different appearing on my blog tomorrow… watch this space! 😉

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  1. I love this sketch. Lovely cards too!

    I was squinting to see if you did digital, but they are paper ribbons, right?

  2. No, they’re part of the background papers!! Heehee! Fooled you too! 😀

  3. Hi rosie
    Thanks for the supportive comments and wishes. I love your new blog its ace. I am feeling a little better so am posting again. Pop by
    thanks again

  4. These are all beautiful Rosie! Awesome job! I love that sketch. Going to have to save that one for sure.

  5. These holiday cards are fantastic! I love the look of them – my things are all very linear, and these have so much life! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Melissa (SBS12)

  6. Hehehe I feel like secret squirrel to the rescue! ROFL! I demand a cape, and one of those masks that just covers across your eyes… hmm maybe a wand or something too? Or would a wacom tablet pen be more appropriate?
    Good job on getting a start on the silly season (definitely agree btw!). I so need to do this too! TFS!


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