Wednesday’s flash floods…

On Wednesday, we had the equivalent of a month’s rain in less than a day! We (I?) picked that day to do some grocery shopping and we almost didn’t manage to get home afterwards… it was awful. I’ll never be so stupid again…

There are 5 alternate routes into our village and despite that, all 5 of them were completely flooded on Wednesday. We managed to get home via the next village – 3 miles away – because eventually the water at Little Ford, Bradworthy, had subsided enough for us to inch our way through – it was about 12″ (30cm) deep. There were two lovely old boys (local farmers), sitting on a very old tractor in the middle of the bridge, just in case anyone got stuck and needed a tow! Bless, the youngest would’ve been about 70 years old!

Here are some pics of the swollen ‘stream’ at Sutcombe and you can see the road ahead, which leads up to where we live, was completely under about 24-30″ of water. DD took these with her phone, so they’re not huge, but I think you can get the gist!!

That’s the main route home… or not!

The ‘field’ to the left of the little bridge!

What’s left of the field to the right… I’ve always respected Mother Nature and her awesome power, but Wednesday’s rainfall was a bit too close for comfort!

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  1. Wow Rosie – that’s scarey – glad you are all ok

  2. Fi – it WAS scary! And a not-to-be-repeated experience… just for the sake of food!

  3. Oh my goodness Rosie
    Mother nature is a constant stunner isn’t she? It must have been very frightening for you. Was your house okay? We have never experienced flooding like that where we live. We live outside Colchester in a village called Aldham which is on a hill, apart from local flooding due to bad roads we never experience what you have. I hope you and your family are okay. If you want to drop me an email please visit my blog, it would be lovely to hear from you.
    Linda x

  4. Glad you made it back ok and made it home safe. How nice of those men to be waiting for someone that might need help. We have a creek that runs behind our house (past a half acre), but I know how that flows when it rains hard. I keep telling my husband, something is wrong, it is raining too much every where. Can you believe this year, I have not had to water my plants once still?

    Take care.

  5. Oh my word Rosie – glad you got home in the end!!

  6. carolann

     /  July 13, 2008

    Wow Rosie glad you didnt get flooded hun and got home safe and sound xxxx

  7. Wow, that wasn’t fun I’m sure. Good to know you were able to get home.

  8. Sue Curtis

     /  July 14, 2008

    row row row your boat- that’s a lot of rain! I bet your getting cabin fever!!


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