Clean your plate…

Well I’ve left it till the last day of the month to join in with this month’s Street Team Crusade because I wanted to see how much ‘cleaning’ I could get through and there’s been quite a bit! Michelle speaks of clearing the decks ready for a time of renewal as we pass from one season to the next and I’ve been doing just that! DD is still at home, I’ve had 4 part-time jobs this summer – and I know friends have been worrying that I’d burn myself out as that didn’t preclude my artistic commitments or keeping up with the home-run business and our Charitable work too. But I’m still here and my weekend jobs are nearly over till next Easter. That’s a shame as the extra money has meant paying bills was easier but I feel the winds of change blowing through here anyway, so….

It’s been a fabulous month for me. I’ve managed quite a few ‘firsts’ – made a Quiltie, completed my first mixed media canvas (see sneak preview below!), finally managed to buy some gel medium and make transfers without too many headaches! I’ve been beavering away making pieces and preparing for the Craft Fair in November. I am not expecting to make many sales, but I am going to enjoy myself. I shall probably be on another planet from the other stallholders, but that’s their problem, not mine!!!

I stopped making bags, although I do have a ‘work in progress’ in pieces upstairs!! I made fabric paper, and most importantly for me, I started an Art Journal. My own place to experiment, enjoy myself and learn from my mistakes. I have also taken part in quite a few swaps and not committed to any more for the moment. I have joined in with Michelle’s ‘Pink Wink’ – a complete pleasure and an emotional one too. I cried every time I had to explain it to someone and have a lump in my throat as I type this!

I finally managed to make my first shrine that turned out quite respectably and will be off to Ria in a few days’ time. I have bought clear storage boxes for my materials and am busy using up odds and ends that are on my desk. I carry my Arty-Farty Birdie Bags with pride, wear my altered domino pendants wherever I go and have made some pretty cool gifts for people who had no idea I could do that!! It’s been very liberating, when asked “Where did you get that? I really like it…” to reply: “I made it – it’s what I do! I’m a mixed media artist!” Like Julie, I cough before I say it, but I feel I’ve come such a long way and achieved so much that it’s been a rite of passage (still is!) and I’ve earned the right to say that!!

I’ve been lucky enough to be published this summer too – something else I could tick off my ‘ambitions’ list and have moved on.  I’m still enjoying the Altered Boardbook Project we are working on with Trish Bee – lots of fun creating new techniques, following the same steps as everybody else and seeing how different our books are!!

So, I have a reasonably clean house, well-behaved pets and family members, a couple of jobs left and an unquenchable desire to create more art. On the workspace front – well it isn’t clean and certainly lacks organisation, but… I am getting there. Anyway, if I put it all away, what would I play with? *giggles*

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  1. phew! i’m exhausted listening to you. sounds like you have had alot going on girl! the enthusiasm in your voice says you are excited with all you have on your plate. bravo for all you have accomplished! {thanks for joining in the *pink wink*}

  2. Congratulations on your clean plate ! What a list of ccomplishments to celebrate ! Wow ! My pace is very different from yours right now but I do so admire all you have created for your self and your family. Keep on playing, girl !

  3. HOW did you get such a neat surface?! You are too busy to be making such a beautiful thing!!

  4. I wish I had been as on the ball as you have been. Wow. Very impressive. I especially am envious that you have “cleaned your plate.” All I could manage was two blog posts in two months! One of which was my 100th post – and I’m having a give-away contest. Come on by!


    P.S. I love your shrine!

  5. Your VERY impressive list of accomplishments is a great encouragement to me. It’s proof that there IS enough time in the day if you make it so. This summer I’ve finally begun following through more and procrastinating less. It feels really good but I get overwhelmed when I think of all the other things I also want to be doing and wonder if it’s possible to do them all. Or even half of them. So reading your post gave me just what I needed – the proof that, YES, it’s not only possible, but it is being done by others with MUCH more on their plate than mine. Thank you, and keep on keeping on!

  6. Hey Rosie, we are women, after all, and we can accomplish more and handle pain better than we ever dreamed, if only we have faith in ourselves and push the limits! Hooooray for you!!!! Your artwork is inspiring because YOU are an inspiration!! What a fabulous post! It gives me renewed energy just reading it!! Thanks!!! XOXO

  7. You know I am an avid follower of your blog and every piece you make is a joy to see….and your enthusiasm is wonderful.
    I hope you are very, very proud of all you accomplished last month because you jolly well should be !
    Bravo Rosie ! xxx


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