Someone to watch over me…

As soon as I saw this magazine image, that melody popped into my head. So thanks Sandy (SaWo), for prompting yet another journey into my subconscious. I used DD’s stamp on the lower right-hand portion of the image – an obsession I’d say! I don’t even know where magazine background begins and art journal ends, never mind why they merge, but they do.


I used my Frankenstein/cityscape carved stamp, plus the barbwire, but you have to look closely to see them!! I have come to realise that when things are on my mind, I resort to cathartic doodling. The structure comes as I work – although that does sound like a contradiction in terms, I fear! For the curious, I have used TH distress inks in 3 colours only for the background and stamped images.

The white pen is the soggy Souffle Pen… goes on wet and dries white. I find this really annoying – I want my white highlights instantly, not half an hour later when I’ve moved on… grrrr! Is it just me or have you got better white pens than I have?

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  1. Sandy

     /  December 21, 2008

    Brilliant Rosie, absolutely brilliant.
    Fantastic work.

    Thanks for your wonderful work to SaWo.
    Have a great christmas time meine Liebe.

  2. GREAT piece, Rosie!

  3. Rosie, this is a fabulous piece! I love the eye and the magazine page. I’ve never seen the type white pen you described. I have 3 different brands and they all go on white and stay white. I think I’d have a bit of trouble with your pen. I’d need to see whetre I’ve been.

  4. It’s got real depth. Love all the layers! As for white pens (and a plethora of other colors): SAKURA GELLY ROLLS! I love them! They go on bright and clear and show up against just about any background (make sure to get the kind that say you can write on black backgrounds).

  5. Great piece. Best white pen I have found is the Ranger Inkssentials one which goes on to almost any surface and goes on white and dries white. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a joyous and creative New Year


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