Layer Love #2

The second lesson in our fabulous Layer Love Class was based on Julie’s “The Old Man & the Sea Calling to Me”. It looks beautiful! I haven’t got many colours and I am now positive that I need to start a collection of Golden Fluid Acrylics. I love how easy they are to use and I have to focus on transparent colours, cos by adding Titan Buff or Titanium White, I can make them opaque if that’s required – see how much I’ve learned already? And this was only the 2nd lesson!!!

I didn’t have Quin-NAG (Quinacridone Nickel/Azo Gold) for the ageing look because it’s out of stock at Jacksons – as Lisa said… it’s always the one colour you really want that’s OOS! Never mind, it’s due in on Tuesday, so maybe next week I’ll have it. In lieu of that, I was tempted to use copper acrylic paint, but I went with a runny gold from a Tortoiseshell Painting kit I found at a car boot ages ago!!! Enough waffle, here’s the painting!


I am so much happier with how this one turned out, despite the fact that the colours are so different from Julie’s. I am really excited to see what lesson 3 will be about and I am really looking forward to reworking my 1st piece and practising my head off! This class has become something of a revelation to me… I really enjoy the process, the support from the other students, Julie’s a great teacher – d’you know she comments on EVERY single piece of work and gives tons of encouragement too. I am a fan!!

JP can be found HERE… xo

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  1. Love what you’ve created Rosie!!! My pages are turning out very dark around the edges….I shall keep working at it. Julie is very inspiring isn’t she!!!

  2. Pat

     /  May 25, 2009

    love this one Rosie, it reminds me of looking through a Forest back at the light . love it. Pat xxxx


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