Cornish Trees

There are many trees in the UK, but I have never seen so many that resemble Donald Trump’s bad hair days… (Look at him, and tell me I’m wrong, lol!). I don’t suppose anyone would tell Mr Trump that his hair looks… silly, but these trees here on the Atlantic coast are all so windswept, that I have always called them “trees with funny haircuts”, ever since we moved to the West Country.

Nick and I were out and about today and I was again struck by the trees, had some time, pens and my sketching journal to hand, so here are my impressions of the Cornish landscape when there’s a stiff south-westerly breeze blowing:

Truly, before we move out of the region, I shall have to “borrow” Nick’s camera and shoot loads of trees. These were sketched in the car on the way home, parked up outside a small parade of shops in Northam, near Bideford. I don’t tend to take any notice of people watching me now, while I sketch. I have come a long way this year!!! 😉

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  1. Pat

     /  August 10, 2011

    I understand your Cornish Trees .strange strangled and tormented by the wind and weather but somehow beautiful and standing steadfast and resolute. they remind me of people I know. love Pat xxxxxxxxxx

  2. That’s too funny. I wonder why our trees don’t do that. Very nice sketch. You go Ro!! 😉

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Those trees look really funny! 🙂

  4. Now that you mention it, I can see Trumps hair. Funny. I also noticed your Babooshkas. I wanted a rubber stamp of them separate, but I was sent one with all four on 1 rubber stamp. Still looking, would love to do some ATC’s with them. TFS.

  5. I’m still laughing, and I really needed this chuckle! Donald Trump’s hair is just awful, isn’t it? But the windswept trees are beautiful. A pity to compare them to the Trump rug, or plugs, or whatever the combination he uses to beef-up the thinning wisps on his head! LOL! When you come to the U.S. we’ll have to take a drive to San Diego so you can see the Torrey Pines. The exposed coastal trees are gnarled and twisted, and the sheltered ones have grown relatively straight. (Note that I said *when*!) XOXO

    • I’ want to see those Pines… in fact I’m sure I’ve heard of them! I thought it might make you laugh and am quite sad that he hasn’t been in touch yet! 😉


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