More fun to ‘crow’ about!

I’ve had a blast this evening with those naughty birds, the Crows! Created by Hand = Versamark and My Time to Craft = Birds, so I made 3 ATCs combining these two challenges… I used Versamark ink to stamp the images and then blotted chalk onto them, which was fun! The backgrounds are from SOYB’s ‘Poured paint’ challenge, on watercolour paper. All stamped images are from Diva Impressions – love ’em!

Meet Cherry Crow (well she’s red, isn’t she?):

And here’s Sheryl Crow – Queen of Crows and Country Music!

And here are the Mob… ‘Rent-a-crow’! (complete with Party Hats!!!)

Then I sat down to relax with Barbara‘s pastels and got extremely messy ‘Celebrating the Sea’ for Laura’s Layers of Color challenge. Meet Oliver the Octopus:

He’s a sweetie, isn’t he?! 🙂

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  1. Now, he’s something to crow about! Don’t you just LOVE pastels? As soon as I starting getting messy with them, I was totally in love with the medium! I’m so glad you entered your delightful painting!

  2. So richly colourful!

  3. Sandy

     /  June 11, 2008

    Wow Rosie they are again so fabulous and extraordinary pieces.
    Great work.

    Why- dont i say that EVERY time i comment?
    Is there any other word TO say?
    But dood i am so OBSESSED with Oliver the Octopus!
    I want to marry him! hehe
    AWESOME work!

  5. Oliver is a handsome guy! Now if he could just keep those eight arms to himself….

    I am so glad you can use those! They frustrate the *heck* out of me. I just can’t stand the dust!! But if something as wonderful as Oliver can come from them, then glad they’re at your house and not mine!!

    I love your crows! I love crows!! We had a lawn-full this afternoon. Tomorrow when I look outside I’m going to imagine each one of them in party hats!! Great stuff you’re doing, Rosie!! I don’t know where you find the time!!!

  6. Great atcs, thanks for taking part in our MTTC challenge this week xx

  7. Loev all, great backgrounds!!

  8. tinasflickwerk

     /  June 11, 2008

    they are great!!!!

  9. all the atcs are fab – thank you for joining in the challenge this week xx

  10. I love Ollie…he looks like a fun sort of guy !

  11. Great backgrounds!

  12. Rosie, your art work is such an extraordinary one and so inspiring – I wish I could be able half the way you can do regarding creativity… Love your pieces, you know I´m your fan… xox


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