SaWo – Yin Yang!

– Acrylic Paint (probably any paint actually!!) I managed to write my Haiku for the last stage in Page 4 of the ongoing Altered Board Book project this morning. Found a really nifty Font site too called Simply the Best! The one I chose is called Chowfun and was free – yay!!

This is the page I was making the Faux Washi papers for…

The red background is acrylic paint over gesso and PVA glue. It’s cracked because I forgot to paint another coat of gesso over the PVA glue before the red paint… but that’s how you learn, isn’t it?

The YinYang symbol is a large chipboard circle painted with acrylics and Anita’s 3D glossy white paint. Thinking about it now, I probably should’ve used washi without red in it to make more of a contrast, but hey?! “Hindsight is a wonderful thing”, innit?!

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  1. Sandy

     /  October 11, 2008

    Oh wow what an amazing page.
    Very great work. I love it.

    Thanks Rosie for this stunning entry to SaWo.

  2. fabulous backgroundcolours again Rosie!!! love the haiku!!

  3. Very strong design!!

  4. I just keep enlarging this spread to look at it more closely. It is fascinating in its colours, its design and its piece of haiku! Is there anything that you can’t tackle with pizzazz, dear friend? I think not.

  5. Heather – *blushing* Thank you! I am rubbish at making jewellery and traditional stuff!! Elegant and cute are so not me!! 🙂

  6. Rosie, your vibrant colors are just super! The “washi” paper is beautiful and I love all the dragonflies on your page. The haiku is neat, too.

  7. Lovely artwork – Background and colouring really appeal to me and capture attention – Isn’t that what art is all about!! – Great

  8. beautiful, fabulous background!!!

  9. Your piece is great. It has character.

  10. Looks GREAT!!!

  11. That red is GORGEOUS! What beautiful background paper! I love it, Rosie!! And I love the dragonflies!


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