Feathered Friends

That’s the theme at MMM this week and there’s a beautiful birdhouse as an example… I decided to use my Birdie handcarved stamp and one of the lovely Home Impressions “Doodle Houses” to journal/embellish my first background Layer Love painting.

I used the drips as journal lines and branches and the writing actually says: “Flying so high like a Birdie, finding my Art Wings… Leaving the nest”.


Unfortunately the light has been pretty poor all day so I had to use the flash and it’s not as garish in RL – the punchinella parts are more subtle, but I think Ria will like it!

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  1. K Hutchinson

     /  May 26, 2009

    Very cool! I love how you journal on the the drip lines! Just a pretty color!

  2. Love the colors you used and the thought behind the piece.

  3. These dark, sumptuous colors are unusual and bold choices to use with this motif, and they help to cinvey an air of mysticism perfect for your theme. I truly love the depth of this painting.

  4. its gorgeous!

  5. It’s super!!

  6. Love those bold colours you have used Rosie, gives so much depth , fabulous composition, from the journal lines to the doodle house, thank you for participating in this weeks theme and your kind words:)

  7. Lovely!

  8. mixedmediamonday

     /  May 28, 2009

    Oh, what a wonderful page, Rosie – and I love your hand carved stamp! Fabulous! Diane

  9. super colors, great artwork.

  10. This is fab Rosie, turned to use for journaling = brilliant!!!


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