Texture challenge from Nancy…

I really have fallen in love with textures, haven’t I? To the degree where I feel less guilt every day for not making any mixed media artwork. Ooops! That’s my secret out now, no more “guilty pleasure”…

So for her latest texture challenge, Nancy Donaldson gave us new grungey textures to play with – oh did I enjoy this one!

All I have done is use one of the garage textures, and duplicated it until I got the right blend mode, changing them up can gave such unexpected results.

Method: garage1 – (all at 100%, unless I say otherwise!) – multiply, colour burn, overlay @71%. Then a further 4 x colour burn, using the mask feature to erase some texture from the leaf and stem/s.

My Mahonia never looked this good before – although admittedly, that is just my opinion!! Obviously this pic has a couple of texture layers, and is much more “extreme” (hint!!), plus I used a gradient and curves too.

Edit: I used 3 layers of texture garage1 and the “drippy” one, with multiply, colour burn and exclusion @100%. I then added a gradient overlay which changed the colours to green/red and messed around with the curves, which seemed to shift the emphasis of the tones around. I played with a mask on that last layer to remove a little of the colour/texture from parts of the leaves and flowery bits! Forgive my lack of botanical knowledge – I can only say what I see! 😉

I’ll share my process later – but I really must go iron a shirt for work… *rolls eyes* 😉 Done!

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  1. I really like your texture work!

  2. Textures are wonderful, and you’re an expert! Guilt, on the other hand, is verboten! XOXO

  3. fantastic work!! thanks for playing along!

  4. Love these, particularly the bottom image….beautiful colors and very impressionistic.

  5. oops, these almost escaped my eyes… i saw it on nancy´s blog and had to come and search for them;)
    both look totally awesome, but my fave is the green/red one!!
    meanwhile every photo without texture really looks naked to me. guess i´m spoilt for the normal now;)

    • Yes it’s true – I feel the same as you now! I also have some of my own textures that I will share after the Holidays – we’ll see how they work then, won’t we?! 😉


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