I have an eclectic family and, par for the course, equally eclectic pets. We are competitive, combative, crazy and fiercely loving, so woe betide anyone who upsets any member of the clan! Family comes first in my house – and that includes the dogs, the cat and the parrot, after the humans.

We have, in order of who was first to join our family: Shadow – black British Shorthair tom cat, aged 15 – rescue cat who measure 100cms (39″), standing on his back legs; Thor – German Shepherd Dog, long-haired, very large, weighing in at 38kgs. and 10 years old; Millie-mou – Yorkshire Terrier cross, with a deformed (short) lower jaw (which is why her tongue hangs out on the right side of her mouth constantly), aged 9 years; and lastly, Gizmo – a South African Grey Conure parrot (that’d be the big ones), aged 6 with an ever-growing vocabulary.

For Kim’s Texture Tuesday today….

Your image must contain at least one layer of my ‘and then some’ texture.

Methodology: Pics taken with my Samsung Monte mobile phone – just until I get a “proper camera”!!

“And_then_some” – soft light, 100%; copied – colour burn, 65%

I also used Jerry Jones’s Vintage Bokeh (70%); Frosted Bokeh (76%) and the OMS-4 mask from his October Mask set with screen 100%.

Font: “A bite”

It is very easy to get lost in the wonderful images shared on TT… but so worth it! 🙂

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  1. Oh you are soooo right about getting lost in everyone’s images, and I lose a great deal of my morning too! 🙂 Oh that face! Millie Mou is a cutie! Your texture choice is spot on for the photo!


  2. Aw, she’s a cutie and looks to be quite the fun loving rascal.

  3. This is so beautiful and so is Millie Mou! Very nice work!


  4. Oh yes, Millie Mou is really cute. Wonderful work as always

  5. the textures fit the photo of millie-mou very well! she looks like she has a good life at your home. i often say: in my next life i want to become a cat at our house. oh those pets, they really enrich our lifes!


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